Weekend Recap & What’s for Dinner This Week

Hey Kids!

Here’s hoping you had a nice weekend! Mine felt like a weekend from “the good old days”, before moving and the craziness of unpacking and getting settled in took hold.

Thursday and Friday Kenzer and I prepped for our 4th of July picnic. We made our flag fruit kabobs


And we put strawberries, blueberries and star shaped pineapple in the sangria


Kenzer had way too much fun with that project. :)

With all the wind we had on Friday, we were a little concerned we wouldn’t be able to set off fireworks, but thankfully as the evening went on the wind died down and we were able to do our display. All in all it was a successful picnic, and we look forward to making it an annual event.

Saturday Kenzer and I decided we’d head to the Jigger Shop for some ice cream. This ice cream parlor is known for their sundae’s. Kenzer went with hot fudge


I went with the baked Alaska:


After we stuffed ourselves with ice cream, we decided to try our hand

at mini golf. Kenzer is such a riot. I’m fairly certain her ball was off the green more than it was on it.



Perfect Saturday. Just me and my best girl spending time together. I’m really trying to cherish these moments as much as I can. She’s getting so big so fast. I keep waiting for the moment when it’s no longer “kewl” to hang out with mom. I hope I have a few more years left!

Sunday morning I woke to a beautiful morning! I couldn’t possibly waste it by not going for a run. I had a craving for left over sweet potato wedges, so I ate some of those, laced up my sneakers, and headed out for a jog. I wasn’t sure how far I was going to go. I figured I’d just play it by ear with how I felt.


After my jog, I was ready for more food. Egg sandwich it is! Egg, cheese, canadian bacon, and a whole wheat english muffin. You can never go wrong with that combo!


The rest of Sunday was spent meal planning, food prepping:


And was topped off with discovering that some of our Stargazer Lilies have finally bloomed! I anxiously await their arrival each year. They’re my favorite flower. And they smell amazing.


As far as meal planning is concerned. I was in a little bit of a creative slump. So I decided to dig out a few of my old Cooking Light cookbooks for inspiration. Most of the recipes this week will come from these two books:


With the exception of the Skinny Beef Stroganoff, Spicy Scalloped Sweet Potatoes, and Salmon Oscar. Here’s what the week in eats looks like:


  • Sunday – Skinny Beef Stroganoff
  • Monday – Skillet Stuffed Peppers
  • Tuesday – Chicken, Corn & Green Onion Rotini
  • Wednesday – Salmon Oscar
  • Thursday – Burgandy Beef w/ Parslied Fettucine
  • Friday – Grilled Chicken w/ Spicy Scalloped Sweet Potatoes.
  • Saturday – Wing it


A promotion I had been waiting for for quite some time was finally made official on Thursday, so this week starts my first week as the Investment Services Operations Manager! I now have 7 people that I oversee. I’m looking forward to this adventure, so wish me luck on my first day! :)


Do you meal plan every week or is it something you can only get to when all things fall in to place?