Fitness Friday {And a Very Special Day!}


My workouts have been rather sporadic since we’ve moved. To the point that I actually cancelled my gym membership this week! I’m kick it old school, and head back to the gym I used to attend in my early 20’s since it’s closer to our new house. It feels so weird to be “in between gyms” right now. I felt like I broke up with a boyfriend.

We’re still trying to figure out a schedule as far as day to day life is concerned. And taking a break from weight training has felt kind of nice! So I’ve been doing mainly body weight exercises at home in the mornings: push ups, planks, glute bridges, mountain climbers, and going for runs in my new neighborhood. It’s amazing to me how quickly strength gets lost if you don’t use it on a daily basis! When I do head back in to a weight training schedule, I’m sure I’m going to feel like I’m starting at square one again.

I’ve enjoyed being a “softball mom” these days. Last night I got to watch Kenzer pitch at her game!


It was exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. Plus a little nostalgic. I used to pitch myself. :)


Speaking of Kenzer—today is a VERY special day!!



Can’t believe my baby girl turns 11 today!! We’re not doing anything extravagant. At least not compared to last year! But we’re making her requested dinner – tacos. And having ice cream cake. She opened her gift this morning – a ton of summer clothes and a book she’s been requesting. And tomorrow morning we’re picking up this little gal:



Kenzer has been wanting a bunny for ages! So last year we started a “bunny point” program. She had to earn bunny points by doing chores. The points correlated to the amount of money it would be to buy the hutch, pay for the bunny, and for the bunny’s vet care.

She earned her points in no time! And we told her once we moved, she could get her bunny. And that time is here. She’s way excited to say the least.


What’s on your agenda this weekend? Have you ever had a bunny for a pet? Any tips for making sure our bunny stays happy and healthy?