First Run Post-Surgery & New Surroundings


Hey friends!

So I looked back on Run Keeper, and the last time I ran where I actually logged the activity was on April 16th. I had started having a few issues with the pregnancy after that, and thought it best to lay off running until I knew what was going on.

I wanted to get out for a run over the weekend, but ended up working around the house instead. We are getting ready to put our yard in, so weeding and gardening became the priority. One of my favorite bloggers, Carla, refers to exercise as “PLAYouts” vs. “workouts” because she and her daughter get a lot of their physical activity on the playground. I guess perhaps I could refer to mine as “weedouts”?! (It just doesn’t have the same ring to it.) 😉

Anyway, I guess you could say I burned a few calories just by raising my heart rate and blood pressure by allowing Kenzer to drive the Kabota around the field this weekend! (We left her drive out to our compost pile)


Truth be told, she did a good job. And I now know with complete certainty that when it comes time to teach her how to drive, that will be Alfie’s department.

We’ve been working a little every day to find a place for things in the house. It’s feeling more and more like home. And the boys have settled in quite nicely with their new bed.


But back to the run!


I had no expectations for myself this morning. It was just nice to get out there and go. Running for the first time in a our new neighborhood was quite an experience! I can’t tell you how nice it is to not be running in town. No long rows of houses, no sidewalks, no fumes from all the traffic…….

BUT! Holy hills……………. We live at the top of a hill, so no matter what direction I go, I’m going to be climbing a hill at the very end. But with views like this:


and this:



there’s no way I can complain! PLUS – it now gives me a new challenge and a new threshold to cross over as far as times and pace are concerned. Gone are the days of flat road running. I’ll now have to consider myself more of a “cross-country” gal.


I didn’t go very far this morning. (I’d like to consider it “dipping my toe in the waters”) But even still, I felt great, and I’m considering signing myself up for another distance race in the near future.


Okay, spill it! How was your weekend? What did you do for Memorial Day?


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    I am glad that you can be proud of yourself for not going all that far. The fact that you ran in general is AWESOME :) I love the landscape around you! Reminds me a little of Wyoming. You can totally get LOST in your thoughts – or forget about everything!! :)
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