Fitness Friday {Run Jenny! Run!!}


Hey kids!

I started the day off with one heck of a yummy 3J’s omelet and chai tea this morning!


Kenzer and I are going to wash it down later with some of these:


Balance people. Balance. :)

With the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run only 1 week and two days away, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’m feeling a tad bit unprepared/nervous. (I’m also a tad bit bummed that we’re going to miss seeing the cherry blossoms AGAIN this year. Some day the timing will be right, I’m sure of it. Just not this year)

We are probably about a month and a half from getting our occupancy permit at the house, and if you remember from earlier in the week, we’ve been hitting milestones on it left and right. I’ve been back and forth to the house, and we’ve been back and forth to Lancaster several times the past two weeks, and fitting in runs has been a challenge. Especially with the weather still being so crappy (no excuse, I know).

I was so amped up about not squeezing in some longer runs, that I literally too half a vacation day from work this week in order to get a 6 miler on the books.

Of it decided to be cold as hell and snowing on the day of my run. But I actually really enjoyed the scenery!


I’m sometimes hesitant about posting my times/splits for my runs. If I’m being honest, I fall in to the comparison trap when reading other HLB’s and I see these girls talking about how they ran “OMG soooo slow” and they had a sub-9 minute pace. Uhhhh……….. yeah………

BUT—I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not a fast runner. I won’t BE a fast runner. But I WILL be relatable. And that is more important to me.

Plus, I’m just glad I get out there. And that I have the ability to get out there.

I started out this run feeling completely crappy and just not “in to it”, but by the end—I felt freaking AWESOME! And like I’d accomplished something.


I knew I wanted to take it easy. I don’t want to injure myself trying to up my mileage too quickly by “playing catch up”. But at mile 3 & 4—my ass was DRAGGING. And I know its from taking time off, and not getting the miles in that I should be.

Mile 5 was awesome. Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard came on, and I just cranked it out! And I totally air drummed along with the song the entire time. #80sFlairDontCare

I’m hoping to sneak in a 8 mile run between rain showers on Sunday. But we’ll have to play it by ear. I can’t say that I expect to PR at this year’s run, but I’ll probably be close to what my time was the past two years.

In 2012, I finished in 1:42:50 with a pace of 10:17. In 2013, I finished in 1:41:19 with a pace of 10:07. (You can read that recap here).

2014…………. to be continued.


BUT for now—I’m going to focus on a weekend with the best daughter in the world—we get our hair did tomorrow morning, and her fitting for her junior bridesmaid dress in the afternoon. AND THEN—I’m thinking I may take her to see Noah.

I LOOOOVEEEEEE me some Russell Crowe! (even though he had an affair with Meg Ryan back in 2000)

But enough about me—what’s on YOUR agenda for the weekend?!