Snow, Sleepovers, and FOOOOOOD!!!!


Hidee-ho everybody!

We are in yet another snow storm today! I am currently combating this:


By daydreaming about this:


We’re going to head to Beaches for our little “weddingmoon” at some point in time this year. So I used that as my “happy place” to picture when I was out shoveling at least 5 inches of snow off the driveway this morning. :)

Rather than head to the gym in the morning, I came to work early and plan to head to the gym this afternoon when hopefully the roads will be a tad bit better.

Last week, thanks to the folks at Influenster and Belvita, I received this care package:


I’ve been munching on these and some string cheese pre-workout and I just love them. Haven’t had a flavor yet that I haven’t liked.

Kenzer had a sleepover with her BFF Hailie on Friday night. These girls……………. they’ve been together since pre-school and are so close. It was breaking my heart to think they won’t be in the same school next year.

IMG_20140131_192448 Until she informed me that there’s a chance she may be moving to the same school district as well! I can’t tell you how much I would love that. Knowing Kenzer has a friend as she enters a new school.

Sunday was spent out at the new house once Kenzer went to church and to her dad’s. Alfie has been working hard on the radiant floors on the first floor of the house:

IMG_20140202_110249_076 (Foreman Rango inspecting his work)


My job for the day was to put screws in each of the little black brackets you see between the metal plates.


Tedious and back breaking are words that come to mind………….. BUT – it’s done! The tubing is being laid today, and before we know it our kitchen will be being installed.

All in all it was a successful weekend!


Weekly Dinner Plan:

So lets check out what’s on the menu for this week! If you remember, last week I told you guys I would start sharing it with you.


How was your weekend? Who’s ready for winter to be over??


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  1. I’m sure the crewing was pretty mind numbing, but just remember…you can count it as a workout! Haha :)
    Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.A. recently posted…How Jessica Alba Lives & Diets in L.A.My Profile

  2. Jenny you need to come visit LA, ASAP!! The sun is a shining! While I love snowstorms and kind of miss them, I only miss them on weekends – when I don’t have to go ANYWHERE!!! Stay warm! :)
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…The Results of a Single-Blind ExperimentMy Profile

  3. When I was stuck in the northeastern ice and snow for med school. I eventually realized that I didn’t need to be here in Florida to be here :-) Keep dreaming that warm dream Jenny and one day, as I did, you two will wake up in bright sunshine!
    Dr. J recently posted…The Really Simple Answer to a Complicated QuestionMy Profile

  4. you guys are making so much progress on the house – so exciting! all of your hard work will pay off soon enough! I’m also dreaming of an island vacation today!
    BRittany @ Proteinandpumps recently posted…Quick Dinners: Broiled Mahi Mahi RecipeMy Profile

  5. All of that Belvita looks delicious! I can’t believe we have another snow day.. and more to come the next two weeks i’m sure!