Marvelous in My Monday #20


Hey kids!!


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. As always, I feel like mine was too short. Lets get right in to what was marvelous!

Marvelous is Kenzer doing a awesome job at her States Fair at school on Friday!!! The state she was assigned to was Alabama. So she had to do a presentation on Alabama for all the parents that came through the fair. She enjoys talking and attention, so this was right up her alley.


Marvelous is taking my boys to the dog park!! They can run like the wind, and I was able to get some cute shots of them while playing around with my new camera. We even got some “action shots” in there. haha


Rango’s face in the bottom left one kills me. I don’t know why I thought pugs don’t run. That boy runs his hiney off.


If you remember, Friday I mentioned Kenzer and I were going to try our hand at paper mache. I’m pleased to report that we have LIVED to tell the tail, and I wasn’t cleaning up flour paste for days on end. The project actually took the whole weekend because you have to let it dry completely before adding the next layer of paper. And we’re still not done. We still have to paint our cats.

It was really fun! And easy to do. Just mix 1 part flour to 2 parts water, add 2 tbsp of salt to prevent molding, and you have your “paste”. Then all you need is tons of newspaper and patience. :)


Marvelous is having the time to experiment in the kitchen this weekend! I made this to die for shepards pie on Saturday evening. Kenzer actually asked for seconds!

shepards pie

I dunno……….. do you guys want the recipe?!


I also got some food prep done! I made come chicken muffins for this weeks eats:

chicken muffins

AND I made some pumpkin chocolate chip protein muffins:

pumpkin chocolate chip protein muffins

But in all honesty—the best part of the weekend was Sunday. I don’t even know who I am, but I actually went to the store in my pajamas Sunday morning!


We decided we wanted french toast for breakfast, but it always tastes better with Italian bread, and we didn’t have any. So I ran to the store for some so we could make our french toast perfect.

It was a nice trade off because then Alfie actually manned the stove and made our breakfast.


Kenzer and I eventually talked him in to putting on my apron for the camera. :)


He wears is well. HA HA But what was even more wonderful was we stayed in our jammies ALL DAY LONG. Alfie has had a backload of roofing to do, and hasn’t been getting home until 8:30 at night. So family time has been suffering. It was so nice to have him home the entire day that we could all just hang around and be lazy.

That was our weekend in the nutshell!!


How was your weekend?! What made it marvelous?

Side note: The deadline for ordering a wreath for Wreaths Across America is TOMORROW—at last count we were at 3,040!!!! Thank you to all who have shown your support. I can’t wait to share the ceremony with you on the 14th!