Fitness Friday #23 {In Home Full Body Workout}



Here’s what this week’s workouts looked like:

Monday Rest
Tuesday Back, Arms, Abs & 20 min HIIT
Wednesday Quads, Calves & 20 min HIIT
Thursday Chest, Shoulders, Abs
Friday Hamstrings, glutes & 20 min HIIT  Rest
Saturday Hamstrings, glutes & 20 min HIIT


I can’t think of a single body part that’s not sore on me today. Hurts so good. :) So I decided to make today a rest day, and head to the gym tomorrow for my second leg workout of the week. ft

Afterwards, Kenzer and I have a project planned that’s most likely going to be a day long commitment. She has decided she wants to try her hand at making a paper mache cat. :) This should be interesting. I’ve never done paper mache, but I know it involves making flour and water in to a paste – which translates in to HOLY MESS!!!

I think it will be fun, and I’ll be sure to share the outcome with you on Monday.

Have you guys read yesterday’s post yet?! I’ve been told its fairly difficult to figure out which two are the truths and which one is the lie.

Thanksgiving is exactly 6 days away and Black Friday is in 7. This means the holiday craziness will soon be in full swing! Folks will start to get more and more crunched for time. Because of this, I wanted to re-share the in home workout I put together. The only “gear” you’ll need is some resistance bands! Enjoy!!

10 Pushups (full or modified)


20 crunches


20 pelvic lifts


20 one-legged pelvic lifts (each side)


20 squats


25 Resistance Band Rows


25 Resistance Band Arm Curls


25 Resistance Band Lateral Raises


25 Resistance Band Front Raises


15 Chair Dips


That’s all we’ve got for today!!


Have you ever done paper mache? Do you have any pointers for this mama??


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      I know! And I’m sorry to say I’m still not in the holiday spirit. :( Too much going on. I don’t want to shop, etc. I told my sister in law today that if we don’t do secret santa for the adults, the only ones I’m buying for are our mother in law and the small kids. I don’t want to have to figure out what everyone wants.

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      ha ha. Thanks girl! I must be a special kind of crazy because I’m sure this is going to turn in to a complete cluster you-know-what. lol