Random Friday Fun


Hey kids!!!

Did we all survive the Trick or Treat experience?? Today’s post will be short, sweet, and random. Just a few tidbits I want to share, plus one uber important question at the end.

1. Here’s picture of Kenzer in her costume of the evening. She was a “Spider Princess”:


And here’s my crew at work! I think we made a pretty good Gilligan’s Island cast! We’ll find out today at some point if our office won anything in the contest.


2. I’m sure everyone has seen this by now, but just incase you didn’t, this is a must watch:


Ladies seriously, if we EVER start to compare ourselves to women in magazines again, lets make a pact that we’ll slap each other silly. kapeesh?


3. To combat the ol’ sweet tooth while at work yesterday, I got myself some Quest Cravings Protein Peanut Butter Cups.


Although it’s certainly not a Reese’s PB Cup (as you may know, I live quite close to Hershey – so I KNOW my chocolate), it came in a pretty damn close second.

Quest Cravings

I made the mistake of taking a giganto bite initially, and found that the peanut butter was a tad on the dry side. I most likely looked like Mr. Ed trying to get it down. However the flavor was nice. It kind of reminded me of PB2 in a way. And after the first bite I took smaller ones and it was much more enjoyable.

Quest Cravings

I like that it comes in a sealed pack also! I only ate one and left the other in my desk for tomorrow. I made sure to only peal back the one side so the other won’t go stale.

In all reality, I could have eaten both and been guilt free! With 20 grams of protein per serving (2 PB cups) it really does give a bang for your buck and satisfy a sweet tooth.


4. And FINALLY— my uber important question:

I asked this on both my Facebook and Twitter pages and got some great feedback and wanted to pose the question here as well.

We’re not doing a wedding registry. In fact, we’re asking folks to not bring gifts at all, as we have more blessings than we can count and the presence of loved ones is our gift. However– IF folks insist on a gift, we were considering asking them to donate to a charity on our behalfwhat charity would you be most likely to want to donate to? And do you know of any that are veteran related that you like?


  1. says

    Love the idea of having guests donate to a charity instead of giving gifts! I think wedding registry’s will become a thing of the past soon since people are waiting longer to get married and usually have all the stuff they need already!

  2. says

    Kenzer’s costume is GREAT!!

    Gilligan’s Island, lol!! Doing a theme at work is a super idea! Never did that, though I have worked in the clinic in costume on Halloween! Patients didn’t seem to mind :-)

    I really don’t know what to make of the extreme photoshoppe. I’ve seem plenty of regular women that looked just fine to me!