Marvelous in My Monday #16


Happy Monday friends!


I feel like I have a ton to share with you today.  First off, thank you for the well wishes on my back! I actually ended up taking the weekend off too. I am definitely feeling better, but while in the gym this morning, I was doing pushups and could tell I was still a little tender in this area:


Anyways, I’m done wussing out about it and we’re going to forge ahead. Leading by example is the way we do!

I was super excited when I got home on Friday, and my favorite fitness magazine was BACK IN MY MAIL!! If you remember, a little while ago Oxygen Magazine’s publisher had to file bankruptcy.

oxygen magazine

Not to mention the awesome box of goodies I got from Influenster!! I plan on reviewing these and sharing in greater detail very soon!



Friday night we partied hard! Kenz and I were in sweats by 7:00, and I had a 90 pound boxer in my lap like a little baby. He really is my gentle giant!



This was one of the busiest weekends we’ve had in a while! Busy as in enjoyable busy. Not busy as in working on the house till all hours of the night and being dead tired all weekend. Speaking of the house……. the granite was installed on our bathroom vanity! Alfie and I put the bowl and faucet in the holes so we could day dream a little about the day we actually get to use our new bathroom. It keeps us going. :)

master bath vanity

Saturday morning, Kenzer and I had “eggs in a nest”, but we made them pumpkin shaped! It’s the little things that kids are going to remember as they get older. I’m sure this will be one of them for Kenz.

eggs in a nest

Saturday afternoon Kenzer and I did all of our chores around the house before leaving to hit up Goodwill. My company holds a Halloween contest every year. We’re allowed to decorate our branch, and we compete against the other branches for who has the best decorations and costumes. This year my office decided we wanted to do Gilligan’s Island. I will be dressed as Ginger:



I needed to find a gown to wear, and Goodwill did not disappoint! I can’t wait to share pictures with you guys! The judging is tomorrow. Wish us luck!

After shopping at Goodwill, Kenzer was hungry and asked to eat at Subway. That girl would eat there every day if I let her. And of course she asked for chocolate chip cookies – and of course mama said yes!


It must have been “the day of Kenzer” because that evening she asked if we could have sloppy joes and I said yes to that as well. I actually decided to put my sloppy joe over wild rice. It was pretty yummy!!

sloppy joe bowl

I even had a chance later in the evening to make up some of my chicken muffins for the week ahead! Now if I could just find someone to clean the pan for me. What a mess!

chicken muffins

I was so stinkin giddy after accomplishing all that in one day, I was pretty convinced it was going to snow!! Not only that, but the stars must have aligned, and my boys were actually getting along and were napping with each other later that evening!

Jakey and Rango

Sunday morning started out with our traditional big breakfast which included scrambled eggs, bacon, and these:

New Hope Mills Pumpkin Spice Pancake Mix

A little slice of heaven my friends. I want to try and make muffins with the mix later this week. We had a lazy Sunday morning before Alfie left to work on the house, and Kenzer and I went to my office to help decorate for tomorrow’s contest.


I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!!!


What was the highlight of your weekend?