Curse You Halloween Candy!!!!! {Giveaway Winners Announced}



It’s that time of year again!! Trick or treat time! I don’t know about you, but I have exactly ZERO will power when it comes to candy. Particularly chocolate. In fact, my biggest nemesis are Twix.

I’m not even going to attempt to kid you in to thinking that I only have one or two of the little Twix Mini’s. Yeah try more like half a dozen. But when you look at the nutritional content of them……… well that’s more frightening than a haunted trail:


Twix Minis


See this is where they get ya. Three pieces doesn’t seem terrible, but who can stop at that!? So how do I combat this little problem?

I’m *that* neighbor………… you know- the one who sits in the dark on trick or treat night. I don’t buy candy to hand out because lets face it, for every one piece I hand out, I probably downed two. Know your limits people. :)

But if you DON’T want to join me in being *that* neighbor, here’s a few suggestions so your kid can be a kid and you don’t have to buy bigger jeans:


Hold a trick-or-treat “pre-game” Halloween party – I know for Kenzer, the thing she likes the most has nothing to do with the candy, and more to do with getting together with friends and enjoying each others costumes. Hold a little “pre-game” festivity at your home. Invite friends to bring their kids, and have the kids get together for some fun Halloween snacks and punch prior to trick or treating. Plan the event to take place just before or right when trick or treat starts. So if trick or treating takes place from 6-9, plan to have friends over at 6, have the festivities take place for an hour. You’ve now shaved an hour off the candy collection time.

Clearly this only works if the parents are of the same mindset and aren’t the type that need to fly out the door and hit several neighborhoods to grab as much candy as humanly possible.


Make a “one piece” rule (and stick to it) – That second part is the tricky one for me. Make a rule that candy is allowed, but only on piece per evening.  In a world of childhood obesity, this is a great way of teaching “everything in moderation”. But here’s the part I get snagged on—leading by example. If I have one piece, I’ll want 5. Clearly I can’t sit there and scarf 5 pieces while I give the child one. So I’ll wait till she goes to bed and chow down refrain altogether if I can, or I keep some of those yummy Skinny Cow chocolates on hand—or have a Quest bar!


If all else fails—pawn that ish off on others! – Kenzer’s dad and I alternate from year to year who takes her trick or treating. When it’s on the years when Alfie and I take her, I let her know off the bat that half of whatever she gets is going elsewhere. I usually take that half and give some to her dad and step mommy, and I’ll take some to work.


There you have it. Some of my survival skills for the candy season. But on to our giveaway winners!!!!!

The two winners of Grab-a-Nola bars are………………..


Congrats ladies!! Please email me your address! jennywellnessjourney at gmail dot com!

Another helpful hint – I wouldn’t recommend passing out granola bars to the kids for trick or treat unless you don’t mind cleaning TP off your trees and shrubs :)


And on a completely UNRELATED note – how amazing is this picture?!

Bob Bossinger Photography

My dear friend Bob Bossinger is such an amazing photographer!! This is one of the photos from Sunday’s family picture session. I can’t wait to share more of them with all of you!!


Who’s headed to any cool Halloween parties this weekend?! What are you dressing up as?


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    So excited to win this giveaway! The bars look delicious :)
    Great Halloween tips … I’ve never handed out candy on my own and certainly would end up eating WAY to much of it if I had it in the house!

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    GORGEOUS picture! She looks so much like you! I’m looking forward to not being home for Halloween this year so we don’t have to buy any candy to give out. I’ve gotten really good at not eating it anymore but if it’s in our house I’ll be tempted and sneak a bite or two. Especially Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups :-)
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    • says

      Thank you Giselle! :)

      I just saw Quest has a PB cup called Quest Cravings. I definitely ordered some this week! I can’t wait to try them!

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      I’m guilty of that too! But usually taking it to work is a winner because there’s always someone there willing to eat it!

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    yayyyyy! I get to try those bars! Can’t wait! (: Since I work nights I never get the chance to hand out candy :\ I totally would though… and eat all of the candy! I guess a good way not to eat all of the candy is to get a candy you don’t like and hand it out… Like for me peppermint patties.. hate them!