20 Year Reunion Songs


Hey friends!!


This week has gone super slow for me, probably because we have a long weekend coming up due to Columbus Day. I can’t even believe we’re already half way through the month of October!!

This weekend Kenzer and I are headed to the bridal shop so she can get fitted for her junior bridesmaid dress! I’m super excited about it. Talk about some good mommy/daughter time! I *think* we’ll also be headed to a blogger meet up Saturday morning! It will be my first one so I’m kind of excited.


At the beginning of the month, I mentioned that we have Alfie’s 20 year high school reunion coming up.



I LOVE things like this!! We don’t get out much, and it’s a perfect excuse to dance our tushies off! As it turns out, the organizers asked Alfie and I to come up with a play list for the evening. (Apparently we took center stage on the dance floor at the 15 year reunion, so the organizers thought we’d be the perfect couple to be in charge of music).

ANYWHO – I thought it would be fun to include you guys in my duties! Think back to the late 80’s & 90’s, what songs or groups got you up and moving at that time? Here’s what I could think of so far:

  • Salt & Pepa – Push It
  • Bel Biv DiVoe – Poison
  • Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby
  • Michael Jackson (Alfie insists we have to play Thriller)
  • Talking Heads
  • Depeche Mode
  • U2
  • Dr. Dre
  • Beastie Boys

As you can see, we have a nice start. But seriously – give me some song ideas in the comments below!


So on to Fitness Friday!!



I can’t believe we are ending WEEK 6 of my time with Coach Julie!! It has been so nice to have someone to bounce things off of during this time. I love that she has nagged gently reminded me to make sure I’m eating enough.

She’s also calmed my nerves when “my girl time” came last week and I was retaining water like it was my job.

What we’re currently working on is the fact that when the weekend comes, I tend to get—shall we say lazy—when it comes to my nutrition? I’m either not eating enough or I’m indulging too much. She’s holding me accountable every day, and I love that she asks me flat out – “How can I support you this week?”

My answer to her the other day was – “do ya think you could clone me?!” ha ha With everything so crazy with the house project, we’re not getting nearly the amount of sleep we should, and things on the home front fell by the wayside. Having a giganto pile of laundry to do drives me INSANE.


Anyway, in my time with Julie, I have dropped 5 pounds! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have broken through this plateau! My clothes fit nicer, and I just feel more comfortable in my skin. Previous to working with Julie I felt, sluggish, constantly bloated, and just not very confident in my ability.

This week’s workouts went/will go like this:


Monday Rest Day
Tuesday Upper Body & Bike HIIT
Wednesday Lower Body & Bike HIIT
Thursday Rest Day
Friday Delts & Treadmill HIIT
Saturday Back & Treadmill HIIT
Sunday Heavy Leg Day


I wasn’t planning on a rest day yesterday, but the weather was cool and rainy, and I had the opportunity to curl up with Alfie just a little bit longer – so I took it! <3

I also thought that I’d see what my nutrition looks like if I treated the weekend like a week day and worked out. Perhaps I’d be more apt to stick with my meal plan.

Anyway, there ya have it! I’m off to do the daily grind! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Do you have off on Monday? What songs would you suggest for Alfie’s reunion? What did your fitness plan look like this week?


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