What I’m Loving Wednesday {Fish On!}



Hey friends!! Happy hump day!! I’ll refrain from the camel references. :)


What I’m loving right now is Kenzer’s school picture!


Bob Bossinger is a dear friend, and an amazing photographer! There’s really no one else I will go to for pictures for our family! Last night I had him do Kenzer’s 5th grade school picture, and it turned out amazing.

I’m also loving her color coordination:


The socks are the true show stopper. :) We got the fire pit going the other evening and it was perfect. Crisp and cool but warm by the fire. Of course beef cubes and smores were involved.

I’m loving that I decorated our dining room table for fall:


I love when “my boys” get along:



And last but not least, I’m loving that this is my FRIDAY!! If you remember, I mentioned I’ll be going “off the grid” at the end of the week. So you won’t be hearing from me until Monday. (which could be good or bad????? ;-P ) Depends on who you ask I’m sure. ha!

So where am I headed??

We are off to Pulaski, New York!! I’m sure you can guess that I’m a bit of an “outdoor girl”. And we enjoy going to Pulaski for salmon fishing season. I promise if you caught your own salmon right out of Lake Ontario, watched it get fileted, and then took it home to cook it, you would never EVER buy the florescent pink stuff in the grocery store again. Ever.

Here’s a picture of me from a few years ago. This was about a 24 pound salmon:


Anywho, tonight will be spent helping Kenzer with homework, packing, and making sure we have plenty of “portable” meals to take with us on the boat so I can keep that metabolism firing on all 8 cylinders!

I hope everyone has an awesome rest of the week!!


Have you ever gone salmon fishing? Do you like fishing in general? Are you an “indoor” or an “outdoor” gal? 


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    Awe what a great school picture! I love her vest! And the color coordination of her socks 😉 Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend! We love salmon and I once caught a 53 pound salmon while deep sea fishing off the North Coast of Cali. Funny story but I actually wasn’t a huge fan of it before then but learned to love it!
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