Running is Like Childbirth


Okay moms.

So you know that feeling of being in utter pain while in labor. And in the midst of the agony, fear and unknown you’re saying to yourself, “Why the HELL did I do this?!” and “I’m NEVER doing this again!!”.

Ahhh……. But then that little bundle of joy gets placed on your chest.

And as you’re counting their little fingers and toes, the memory of the pain you were in just moments ago miraculously fades away -  and you say to yourself, “It was all SO worth it”. You may even say to yourself, “let’s do it again!!”………..

That’s EXACTLY what running long distances feels like—to me at least.

Take Sunday for instance….

My niece and I set out for our 11 mile trek. I was feeling pretty confident. I had mapped out a route. Tried to hydrate as much as possible in the morning. Ate a good breakfast and had plenty of time to digest it before our run.

I prepared as much as I could. But at the same time, I had been falling behind on the mileage for my long runs. Up until that point I had only done a 7.5 mile long run. BUT—I wanted to stay on track with my niece, so I made the jump from 7.5 to 11 in one fail swoop.

Goodness—by mile 5 I knew I was in trouble!

It was HOT. I was TIRED. My legs were jello. It was not going to end well. ha ha I had myself wondering if I bit off more then I could chew. I was also wondering why in the HELL I signed up for another half marathon?! And why in the WORLD had I ever even CONSIDERED doing a full marathon?! (this would probably equate to the full on labor phase)

But mile 7 felt pretty good! As you can see from the splits in was our fastest mile:


From there it just went down hill. I ran out of water. My legs just didn’t want to go any more. I was feeling down because I felt like I was holding my poor niece back! And here I was supposed to be the one there for HER moral support?! And here I was—taking a walk break?!

But we kept trucking along. And eventually we made it to one more mile to go. At that point I was so ready to get it over with it wasn’t even funny! One final PUSH…………… bear down! Deep Breaths! And…………………

We’re done:


Was I glad it was over???? Hell YES. Would I do it again?! Hell YES!!! In fact, within a few hours of us being done with the run I sent Ash a text message saying “12 miles, here we come!!”. ha ha

At the end of the day, knowing I went out and ran 11 miles and feeling proud of it was the reward. Just like the baby at the end of the labor. It felt good to know we did what we set out to do and didn’t give up.

Here’s to being better prepared the next time around! However, (as with child birth—where each one is different) so is every long run we encounter. I would imagine it’s all in how we handle the obstacles that will most certainly get in our way.

What’s the equivalent of Lamaze class for running?!