Kenzer’s Bday Recap


Ugh- you guys…………. this day is NOT starting out the greatest. We’ve waited for ages for the tile for our house, only to find out that the wrong size was ordered for our floors. The worst part—it’s my fault. :-(

I’m hoping it can be exchanged. But even if it can—it’s a set back until we get the new size in. I feel like a teenager who broker curfew and knows I’m in trouble. Alfie is none too pleased this morning.

To try and counter act that—I thought I would do a recap of Kenzer’s birthday experience!!


As I mentioned in my post last Thursday, we took her to Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre to see the musical Cats. Kenzer had no clue where we were going until we started to walk to the door of theatre and noticed the advertisements.


Based on this grin—I think we did a good job of surprising her.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a local dinner theatre, but I must say they did NOT disappointment. I was impressed by the amount of set they were able to fit on the stage! This was my attempt at a panoramic picture.








But in the event that didn’t do it justice, I took a pic of the main area of the stage:


We were in the second row from the stage, and it was amazing how much the cats interacted with the audience! At one point in the beginning of the show, “Cassandra” (Played by Timmy Hays) came right up to Kenzer, sat on her lap, and started playing with her hair as if she was a fellow cat. I can’t BEGIN to tell you how much that made Kenzer’s night! She was laughing so hard she was crying!

I don’t think the smile left her face the entire night!

As I’m sure you can understand, we were not permitted to take any photos during the play, but I must tell you—the costumes were amazing, the choreography was wonderful, the singing was beautiful—all in all we were extremely pleased!!

The food was good as well, and to top it off – they announced Kenzer’s birthday beforehand, and they gave her a card signed by all the actors along with a picture. She felt spoiled for sure. And just when she thought it couldn’t get any better—after the show, some of the characters were in the lobby, and she was able to get her picture taken with them:


The ONLY disappointment I had—and it wasn’t terrible, but I was a tad disappointed in Rum Tum Tugger. :-( Perhaps I had high expectations because he was my favorite, but his hair for his costume wasn’t what I remembered. It looked like a bad Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister wig rather than the wild, long, standing straight on end hair that I remember. But I’ll live. lol

If you’re thinking of going—which I highly recommend, the show is playing until June 29th, so you’ll need to hurry!


We also held Kenzer’s birthday party this weekend. She decided to do it at the ice skating rink, so I thought I would share of few of those pictures with you as well. Enjoy!