{The Proposal – and “The Story of Us”}


Where the heck have I been right?!

Sometimes I feel like I just need a tad bit of a hiatus. I don’t want to post just to post because I’m sure that shows. And I really like to feel like I’m bringing some value to the table for most of my posts. (This one of course will be merely “lifecasting”) :-) I’m hoping you don’t mind!

So as you know………… I had a bit of a big weekend last weekend! I wanted to share with you how it happened, but as I sit here I feel like I can’t very well give you the story from the middle. Perhaps I should start at the beginning, right?!

Alfred and I met back in 2007. I had been divorced from my high school sweetheart for a while. Single, working mommy, just trying to do right by my baby girl. She was just about to turn 4. I was working at a local bank and had spoken to Alfred here and there on the phone but never actually met him in person.

Without going in to every nitty gritty detail, it happened that the day came that I needed to meet with him personally. He was an extremely busy person! He owns his own roofing company, and it’s really hard even now to get him to slow down! Needless to say, I went to the job site to meet him.

Now, I already knew that he was a nice man through phone conversations. I knew he was around my age. From my old home town. Kind. Hardworking. Just someone you could have a general respect for, and I did.

Little did I know he was handsome too!!! When I got to the job site and he came flying off that roof like Spiderman and before I knew it was standing in front of me—I’m not gonna lie—the heart fluttered a little. We chatted for a little bit. I told him I was taking Kenzer fishing that weekend, etc. He told me a little bit about himself—he was the only one in his family “unattached” at the moment. He spent most of his life working, dated here and there, but hadn’t really had the time nor desire to really focus on a relationship up to that point, etc.

On the drive back to the office I thought about the conversation and thought “perhaps” there was something there that he felt the need to tell me those things. But one can never tell. So I left it go.

Three weeks later flowers arrived at my office for me. They were from Alfred. He was “curious about me and wanted to get to know me better”. Believe it or not – I turned him down at first! I didn’t want it to interfere with our working relationship and I told him my focus was on Mackenzie. His response– “Well that makes me even more intrigued now. Because it tells me you’re a good woman and a good mother”.

Who can say no to that logic, right?! 😉

We went on our first date May 18th, 2007. We ended up getting stranded by his truck and woke his brother at 11:00 at night to pick us up. lol He invited me to a family picnic for 4th of July, and this was the first time he met Kenzer. Here’s a picture from the day he met her (Her little tank top– subliminal messaging much?! lol)


Look at how little she was. <3 Needless to say, he fell in love with her pretty much immediately. She loves him to pieces too. He’s her “Papa”.

Fast forward 6 years! Here we are! It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how strong our love is! Alfie is truly my best friend in all of the world. He is an AMAZING Papa to Mackenzie. Our life is such a blessing! How could it get any better right?! In Alfie’s words – “We’re just getting started babe. The best is yet to come!” It hasn’t always been an easy road, but it’s been OUR road, and we’ve walked it together. We’re pretty much a power couple. 😉


Saturday (our 6 year anniversary) we planned on working on the house, going to dinner, and then coming back to check out the newly installed fireplace after night fall. It was installed on Wednesday and I hadn’t had a chance to see it lit yet!

Sure enough, we worked ALLLLLLLL day on Saturday. We were both dead tired, but we changed our clothes and went and got something to eat. Neither one of us felt dead sexy that night! ha ha all grimey from the day. I had no makeup on. Hair was a mess. Looking back I can’t believe we were in public like that!

After supper we headed back to the house. By then it was dark so we got ourselves all set up to watch the fire. I brought along some of the neighbor’s wine that he makes. I had the corkscrew and the wine glasses. I *thought* Alfie was headed to the basement to get the wine I brought along. But alas— he rises from the basement with a bottle of champagne! (Nice touch my love!)

We poured ourselves some champagne, started the fire, and Alfie pulled up two 5 gallon buckets (that once held paint) for us to sit on by the fire. Here was the set up: (I took the picture the next day)


So we sat there. Watched the fire. Talked about our life. How far we’ve come, how happy we are. How exciting it’s been to watch our home progress. Day dreamed about all that’s to come. And then we started talking about the fire again. Alfie looks at me and says “Well ya know, you can’t have fire without a little bit of ice.” He gets up, kicks the bucket aside, gets on one knee and pops the question, ring in hand.

I can’t tell you how perfectly this event sums us up. We’re not fancy schmancy people. We’re just simple, hardworking, loving people. We can sit on 5 gallon buckets but still enjoy the taste of champagne. We find love and romance amongst the dirt, sweat and grime. lol Work hard, play hard, love hard. It’s how we roll.


And, as they say………… the rest is history. <3


  1. Christy says

    What an amazing start to your story… :) I’m sure you will cherish this moment for the rest of your lives. :)

  2. Anonymous says

    Miss Jen….who will soon be Mrs Jen….I love this story…and since I have seen some of it in progress…I really love it!!! So proud of you!!! You are an amazing young lady!!! Cheers to you and your family!!!