Fitness Friday: Feeling Like My Old Self Again


Hey friends! Are you ready for the long weekend?! I know we are. Kenzer especially. It’s been quite the experience for her having to wake up early like the rest of us do. Oh to be a kid again. ;-) She actually has off of school today AND Monday. No rest for her on Monday though! She and I are running a Labor Day 5K together! I’ll be sure to give you a recap next week.

I mentioned on Tuesday that I feel like I’ve turned the corner with feeling so tired, and more and more I feel like it’s true. I hope I’m not jinxing myself! My workouts this week felt great. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Monday – 2 Miles
  • Tuesday – PiYo Sweat
  • Wednesday – PiYo Sculpt
  • Thursday – 3 miles
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – 6 miles scheduled (may happen Sunday instead)

Maybe it’s my OCD, but can I just say how annoying technology can be sometimes? Last night’s run I decided to wear my Garmin but also use Runkeeper because the battery in my watch was low. All I can say is, why oh WHY can’t they just match!?


Runkeeper said 3 miles. Garmin said 2.83. Well which is it?! Please tell me I’m not the only one bothered by this! And Speaking of run tracking apps, which one do you use?


Our weekend is pretty low key. Alfie is working, which means Kenzer and I get the weekend All. To. Ourselves! Saturday we’re getting our hair done, and then we’re headed to PetSmart to pick up some goodies for her bunny Petunia, AND for Rango!! BECAUSE……………….. it just so happens to be a very special day for him today!!


My handsome boy turns 2 today!! We’ll celebrate on Saturday with a doggie cake and frosty paws!


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Safe travels over the holiday!

Eating For Two (Not so Fast!)


Every once in a great while I’ll share a What I Ate Wednesday post with you guys, and I thought it would be fun to do one now that you guys know I’m sporting a little baby on board!

We’ve all heard the phrase “Eating for Two”, and by now we’ve all realized that doesn’t necessarily mean eating twice as much (bummer I know!!) In fact, I was a little surprised to learn that you really only need between 300-500 extra calories in your second and third trimesters!

So while I’ve definitely been enjoying the fact that I don’t need to worry about achieving washboard abs for the next few months, I haven’t been going crazy with food either. I’ve basically just been listening to my body while at the same time enjoying my cravings for Rita’s and perogies. It’s been quite freeing! :)

Here’s a peek in to what my eats have looked like:


Breakfast – Protein Pancakes from ProCakes:


You guys…………. these are SO GOOD. Caren from ProCakes is the sweetest. She reached out to congratulate me on the pregnancy, and when I ordered come of her pancake mix to give it a shot she realized it was me and sent the sweetest congrats/thank you note along with my order. Talk about customer service!! [Continue reading...]

Baby Update: 11 weeks


  Here we go! The first official baby update! But first I’ll share the pictures we took in weeks 8 & 10. I feel like I ballooned over night! Lets get on with the update! Here’s what Baby A has been up to:   Baby A, just over 1 1/2 inches long and about the […]

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First Day of Middle School


  Oh boy kids. This was an emotional morning for me. Our “baby” girl has taken off for her first day of middle school. I’m not going to lie. There were definite tears. Only on my end though. I was impressed! She was running on pure adrenaline this morning. I thought for sure I’d have […]

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Fitness Friday: Half Marathon Training With Baby On Board


  YOU GUYS………..there are no words to express how appreciative I am of all of your well wishes from our announcement on Monday! Between comments on here, comments on Facebook, emails, text messages, etc. I just feel truly blessed to have ya’ll! Thank you thank you!! A member of the Facebook running group I belong to, […]

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MIMM – The perfect amount of work and play


  Hey party people, what’s good? This weekend was the perfect amount of work and play for us. Friday when I got home from work Alfie and I went to the local landscape supplier to pick up the pond liner for our pond and to look at their water features for some ideas for fountains. […]

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Fitness Friday: I Have Officially Become “That Mom”


  Hey friends! TGIF!   I am slowly getting in to the swing of things as far as training for this half marathon are concerned. I better get on it a bit quicker since there’s only 10 weeks to go! My long run this weekend will probably take place on Sunday, and I think I’m […]

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Will Fitspiration Ever Change?


  I came across two articles recently that really gave me some food for thought. Actually, it had me hopeful that perhaps we can make a change with regards to fitspiration. The fact that looking like you belong in a magazine is not maintainable year round is something that hadn’t really occurred to me until […]

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Is It Fall Yet?


  Hey friends! Sorry to start off sounding like I’m whining, but honestly – can it just be fall already?! The mornings here in Central PA are such a tease the past few days. The air is crisp and cool, and the skies are just that ever so slight overcast appearance. Then day breaks and […]

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Woman Crush Wednesday – Meet Jenn {and her IVF experience}


  You’ve seen Jenn on this blog on more than one occasion. She and her husband BJ are a pretty big part of our life. In fact, if it weren’t for the two of them, we probably – no DEFINITELY – wouldn’t have made it through the preparations for our wedding day! Jenn and I […]

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