When in Doubt, Make Blackberry Cobbler


Happy Monday friends!

I hope your weekend was a great one, and you have a positive start to your week.

My weekend started with a nice run Friday morning.


Half marathon training starts next week. I plan on talking more about what my training is going to look like, but I’ll do that in another post. I’ve definitely slowed down a bit this time around. I’m assuming its all the hills. I need someone to explain the elevation charts to me, because in all my years of running, they still don’t make sense to me.

Friday night and Saturday I helped my life long friend and her husband move to their new place. I will give you guys a more formal “introduction” on Wednesday when I explain why she is my Woman Crush Wednesday!

Sunday, Kenzer and I ran a few errands. For example, the grocery store, where I was able to talk her in to posing for this picture for me. [Continue reading...]

5 Foods I Can’t Live WITHOUT


A friend of mine recently shared this article on her Facebook page:

The 22 Worst Foods You Could Possibly Put in Your Body

These articles annoy the hell out of me. While some of the items certainly make sense (and are pretty much captain obvious), some of them are just plain silly. “Don’t drink milk!!!!” “Don’t eat canned fruit!!!!” The reality is, we can find something “bad” about almost anything we eat! And it’s frustrating for people who are maybe just starting their wellness journey.

I know when I first started to try and improve my way of life, I’d read these fear monger articles and think to myself, “Well what the hell CAN I eat then?”. And I’d be ready to give up before I even started.

In the above article, instead of saying “Don’t eat canned fruit! Saying it’s healthy is one big lie!”, wouldn’t it have been a tad better to say something such as “Try to find brands that are canned in their natural juices with no added sugar”? Of course fresh fruit is better. But if comes down to either chomping on french fries or the “POISON!” that is canned fruit – I’m thinking canned fruit is the better way to go.

Anyone remember back when eggs were bad for you? I’m pretty sure that debate will go on forever. Hell I remember when orange juice was put on the naughty list!

I say don’t believe the hype.

Lets focus on the positive. Here’s a list of 5 foods I’ve found that I absolutely can’t live without! If I search hard enough, I’m sure some or all are on some naughty list somewhere! But guess what? I eat these foods on the regular, and so far, I didn’t die. 35 years and counting! :)


PicMonkey Collage

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Marvelous is……..


  Hey friends! We’re going to bust out this MIMM post with just a few words and pictures. Here we go!   Marvelous is………….. Harvesting the first set of blackberries from your own personal blackberry bush! There’s nothing like just walking to your back yard for fresh fruit! Marvelous is……………. Spending Sunday with your two […]

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Fitness Friday {The Bird Rescuer}


  This week has flown by for me! And it seems there’s never a dull moment. We have some swallows that decided to build a nest on our porch, and we’ve just been living with the mess and the poop because we could hear they had little babies in there. Yesterday Alfie went outside to […]

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Weekend Recap & What’s for Dinner


  As I sit down to write this weekend recap, I’m having a hard time even remembering what we did! As I mentioned Friday, we really didn’t have much planned. It was actually pretty glorious. I spent alot of the time just cleaning, organizing, weeding, etc. I was able to pick yet another bouquet of […]

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Fitness Friday {Some of My Faves}


  It’s Fitness Friday my party people. Who’s got big plans this weekend? That would be a ‘NO’ for us. And I’m not disappointed. I’m turning in to more and more of a homebody as I get older! This week, I thought I’d share with you guys a few of my faves as far as […]

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Wedding Recap – Part Two


Okay where’d we let off last time? Oh yes! My life long friend Jenn officiating our wedding and putting funny little antecdotes from our teen years in to the ceremony. Guys, she did such an amazing job! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect person to marry us! She was so organized she even […]

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Weekend Recap & What’s for Dinner This Week


Hey Kids! Here’s hoping you had a nice weekend! Mine felt like a weekend from “the good old days”, before moving and the craziness of unpacking and getting settled in took hold. Thursday and Friday Kenzer and I prepped for our 4th of July picnic. We made our flag fruit kabobs And we put strawberries, […]

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Happy 4th of July


  Hi Friends! Just popping in to wish you all a very Happy 4th of July! Kenzer and I will soon be hard at work on picnic preparations for the evening. Remember to travel safely! Many thanks to our men and women in the military who fight for our freedoms and the ability to celebrate […]

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4 of July Party Food Ideas


  Martha Stewart needs to just get out the way <——– me being overly cocky. Do you remember two weeks ago when I told you I planted some herbs from seed? Boom! That’s how we DO! I know, I’m being overly cheese about this, but it marks the very first time in the numerous attempts […]

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